Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Welcome to Mr. Bova's Website
Hello, thanks for visiting my blog website. I try to keep this website up-to-date as much as possible. My intentions for the website is more about usability for my students. If you have specific questions, it would be best to email or call me.
Mr. Bova


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Kinder - Mrs. Craig
Kinder - Mrs. Quinones
Kinder - Mrs. Yates

1st Grade - Mrs. Fisher
1st Grade - Mrs. Griffiths
1st Grade - Ms. Mason

2nd Grade - Mrs. Davis
2nd Grade - Ms. Dow
2nd Grade - Mrs. Reinking

3rd Grade - Mrs. Gerick
3rd Grade - Mrs. Sprague
3rd Grade - Mrs. Wolpe

4th Grade - Mr. Grassman's Class
4th Grade - Ms. Danna's Class
4th Grade - Mrs. Smith's Class 
Specialists Mrs. Durfee's Class

5th Grade - Mr. Holladay's Class
5th Grade - Mrs. Shaddon's Class
5th Grade - Mrs. Thomas's Class

7/8 Grade - Mr. Bova's Class - Code.org

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